How can I order the CrossCoder software?

To order, please click Buy link in the top menu.

Does CrossCoder allow me to search for certain HCPCS/CPT or ICD10 codes?

Yes. CrossCoder comes with a search function that allows you to search by code or by description for both HCPCS/CPT and ICD10 codes.

Does CrossCoder print reports?

Yes. CrossCoder allows you to print all links for either a HCPCS/CPT or ICD10 code.

Does CrossCoder come with free Tech Support?

Yes. CrossCoder comes with free tech support.

How may different types of links does CrossCoder have?

CrossCoder has 3 different types of links. 1.LCD policies 2. LCD Articles and 3. NMD – Links that are based on a review of large volume of claims data.

Does CrossCoder work both ways – ICD10 to HCPCS/CPT and CPT/HCPCS to ICD10?

Yes, CrossCoder find ICD10 Diagnosis codes that are linked to CPT/HCPCS Procedures and CPT/HCPCS Procedures that are linked to ICD10 Diagnosis Codes.

Does CrossCoder come with an instruction book?

No, CrossCoder has been designed for the beginner computer user. With one main screen and excellent help F1 feature you do not need a technical manual. In fact, most users will be master every feature in 10 minutes.

Does CrossCoder offer updates?

Yes, updates are free throughout the year.

Does CrossCoder come with a money back guarantee?

Yes, 30-day 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction that only applies to the Standard Version. All sales on the Professional Version are final.

CMS and Claims Data

Are CrossCoder links guaranteed or warranted?

No, Although we make every effort to verify accuracy, with over 5.2 million links we cannot guarantee that our product is error or omission free. In addition, the rules for medical necessity vary among payers including Medicare Part B carriers. Just because you get paid from one payer with a CPT – ICD10 crosswalk does not guarantee other payers will consider this valid.

Can I export from CrossCoder to a datafile?

Yes. CrossCoder comes in two versions: Standard and Professional. The difference is exporting. The Professional Version has exporting privileges. File formats include CSV and MS Access. For record layout and sample files, please click here.

Does the Professional Version export both CPT-ICD10 and ICD10-CPT links and include long procedure and diagnosis descriptions to a datafile?

Yes. For record layout and sample files, please click here.